Smooth Jazz Parties Sponsors

With the VIP membership you will receive great rewards from local retails and support sponsors for the 2013 Sea Breeze Jazz festival in Panama City, FL. Over the years this smooth jazz festival has been sponsored by Resort Quest.  Resort Quest is  one of the premier Sea Breeze Jazz Festival resort providers for the Jazz Festival in 2013.  There are many other resort and beach hotel accommodation providers for the Sea Breeze Jazz, as well.  The Sterling Resorts in Panama City is also a sponsor for the Sea Breeze Jazz Festival in 2013.

As well as resort and beach hotel sponsors in Panama City there are musical, media outlet, and local government sponsors.  The Sea Breeze Jazz Festival draws a big crowd to the Panama City Pier Park area which helps the economy and local businesses thrive which in turns opens up more job possibilities to Panama City’s local community.

Sea Breeze Jazz Festival started as a dream and has grown to reality thanks to love, hard work, and support of our smooth jazz fans and corporate sponsors. When supporting the sponsors of the Sea Breeze Jazz Festival you are in turn supporting the 2013 Sea Breeze Jazz Festival to become bigger and better every year.

Sea Breeze VIP Jazz Parties and the Sea Breeze Jazz Festival of Pier Park in Panama City definitely appreciate the support of our smooth jazz fans and sponsors. Let’s continue to grow the Sea Breeze together.

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